Cox Low income Internet, Check 2022 Eligibility

Many ISPs these days are providing Internet for low-income families. In addition, the pandemic has emphasized the importance of Internet connectivity. That is why; every family needs an Internet connection these days. Cox is an ISP that also provides low-income Internet.

Today, we will go into the details of this program. Once you go through the article below, you will know more about this low-income Internet program and what exactly it has on offer.

What Is Cox Connect2compete?

Cox has a program by the name of Connect2compete, which aims to provide Internet connection to low-income families. With the low plan cost, it offers an Internet plan suitable for every family. Of course, you can, later on, opt for the normal plans. However, at the start, you can opt for this low-income Internet program.

The program offers you an Internet plan at just $9.95 per month. Want to know if you qualify for this program or not? We will share the qualification criteria for this program below.

Cox Low Income Internet

Cox Connect2compete Eligibility

Connect2compete has specific qualification criteria. There are multiple ways to qualify for this program. These include:

  • The household should have at least one K-12 student in their family.
  • Someone in the house should also qualify for the National school lunch program, public housing, supplemental nutrition assistance program, or temporary assistance for needy families.

If you meet any of these criteria, you can qualify for this program. If you want to find out whether you qualify for this Internet program or not, you can also visit the Cox website. There is a section in which you can easily check your eligibility for the program.

In case you are eligible, you can go ahead with the signup process through the website itself. Now that you are aware of the eligibility criteria, it is time to understand what this program offers.

Cox Connect2compete Review

The cost of Connect2compete is just $9.95 per month. There is no annual contract as well. It means that you can opt for this plan and terminate it whenever you want. With such an affordable tariff, it is perfect for low-income families. Before we go any further, let us look at the features of this Internet plan.

#Connect2compete Features

There are numerous features of this Internet plan which help it stand out. We will go into these features below.

1) Free installation

The advantage of this Internet plan is that it offers free installation. As a result, you will not have to pay a single dollar for installation. The free installation cost means that you will not have to shell out any extra money apart from the tariff.

2) Discounted desktop

Many low-income families might not have a desktop as well. In the absence of a desktop, they will not be able to enjoy Internet connectivity. The good news is that Cox offers you $80 desktops as well. So with the help of $80 desktops, you can buy a computer in an affordable fashion. It is another feature of this low-income Internet plan which helps it stand out.

3) 1-year technical support

Many low-income families might not have technical knowledge of using the Internet. Therefore, even if they get an Internet plan, they cannot operate it appropriately.

This is the reason why Cox offers one-year technical support as well. With the help of this technical support, it becomes easier for the families to go through the learning curve. Not only that, they will understand how to connect to the Internet, how to use the browsers, and so on. The one-year technical support is offered without any charge. It means that even if the family is using the Internet for the 1st time, they will not face any issues.

4) Access to software

With the help of this Internet plan, low-income households can gain access to computers and the Internet. However, to use both of them efficiently, they might need access to various software types.

The problem is that the cost of the software can stack up quickly. It means that once again, using the Internet will be out of reach for low-income families. The good news is that you get access to some software for free with this Internet plan as well. These are:

  • Microsoft Office suite.
  • Adobe.
  • Power my Learning software.

With the help of these three software packages, it becomes easier for students and adults to use the Internet with maximum efficiency.

5) Free modem

Cox does not charge you anything for the modem as well. It offers completely free modem rental. For the modem, you do not have to deposit anything. Since there is no contract as well, you can terminate the plan whenever you want.

As you can see, Cox does not attempt to charge you anything extra when opting for this program. This is one of the primary reasons why it is so affordable. Now, we will help you understand how exactly you can apply for this program.

Connect up to 5 devices
high-speed Internet (up to 100Mbps & 5Mbps upload speed)
Easy self-install
K-12 assistance for children
Includes wifi modem
No contract
Internet outages

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How to Apply for Cox Connect2Compete Program?

With the help of a few simple steps, you can apply for this program by Cox. The steps are:

  1. You have to visit After that, you have to click on the check status button. Once you go to that page, you have to enter your details, and the program will let you know if you’re eligible for it or not.
  2. If you’re eligible, you can go ahead with the application process. In the application process, you have to submit minimum details.
  3. After you submit your application, the company will get in touch with you within a few days. After that, it will initiate the connectivity process.

With the help of these four simple steps, it is easy to apply for this program. By now, you might have another question, which is, if you do not qualify for this Cox low-income Internet program, what should you do? Worry not! There is a solution for that as well. We will highlight that solution below.

What If You Don’t Qualify For Cox Connect2Compete Program?

If you do not qualify for Cox Connect2Compete, the company offers you a budget Internet plan. It goes by the name of starting at $25. Anyone can opt for this plan. The details of this plan include:

  • The plan will cost you $29.99 per month.
  • It comes with a one-year contract.
  • Within this plan, you will get a 25 Mbps download speed.
  • The upload speed which you get is up to 3 Mbps.
  • Additionally, you get a bandwidth of 1.25 TB. It means that the bandwidth you get is excellent.
  • You can connect up to 3 different devices at the same time.

Thus, if you do not qualify for the low-income Internet plan, you have this affordable alternative to go with as well. We will now share with you the answers to some of the FAQs regarding this Internet plan.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


So, if you’re looking for a low-income Internet plan, you can certainly go with this one. The Connect2compete plan will just cost you $9.99 per month. You need not spend anything extra on the modem, installation, or any other resource. The qualification criteria for this plan are pretty transparent as well. That is why; it becomes easier for you to apply for this plan. In a nutshell, it is one of the best plans for low-income families.