Frontier vs. Spectrum: which Service Is Best

Selecting internet services for your home or business is not an easy thing. Many factors can influence what internet provider you are going to choose. For instance, the internet services provider you will select depends on whether it has covered your region and has the plans that suit your needs and requirements. You may opt to go for the major provider in your area because they have a lot of packages that are the ideal option for many clients.

Frontier and Spectrum are the major providers that one can choose in their state. However, they have their weaknesses or strengths; it is important to know this information before deciding who will serve you with the best services to meet your requirements.

Frontier and Spectrum are the best service providers in the American state who offer services to around 10% of the clients who have subscribed to internet services. Here, you will determine who is the best between Frontier internet vs. Spectrum Internet. This post will help you know which one you can use based on their technology, availability, internet rate, how they serve their customer, and many other factors.

Frontier vs. Spectrum: Comparison

These internet providers’ technology and internet speed vary much because they use different technology, which influences the internet speed in their packages. These two providers use optic fiber, a technology that is the ideal option for fast internet. However, this technology is accessible to areas where the fiber cable has reached that area.

frontier vs spectrum

Internet Speeds

The Frontier internet offers optic fiber connectivity in Texas, California, Florida, and Indiana. They also provide DSL connectivity; however, they provide low-speed and unreliable internet connections. Around 30% of their customer uses fiber-optic connectivity, while others use the optic fiber connectivity method.

Spectrum internet uses the optic fiber option, but only 1% of their customers use this connectivity as their ideal option. The remaining 99% of their customers get internet access through coaxial cable. Spectrum Internet is viewed to be the second cable connectivity provider.

With Hundreds Of Mbps, You Can Get The Normal Download Speed With Other Cable Connectivity Providers. However, With Spectrum, You Are Guaranteed To Enjoy Internet Connectivity With A Speed That Can Reach Up To 940Mbps.

Network Coverage

The comparison of network coverage of Frontier vs. Spectrum internet is different. Spectrum is available in many regions, and its coverage is also more extensive than Frontier internet. Spectrum internet reaches a large population three times the Frontier internet coverage.

Frontier Internet does not have many clients because the company deals with two types of connectivity: Fiber optic and DSL connectivity. However, most states have many DSL connection providers who give the company a tough completion, leading to few clients. Also, the DSL connectivity provides a slow internet connection, and it cannot support multiple household devices.

The optic fiber one, though, is the better and fastest connectivity you can have. Still, the service only serves around nine million customers, 30% of their clients. Frontier optic fiber connection does not reach other areas, which is the company’s weakest point, making Spectrum provide to lead in providing internet services.

Internet Plans and Prices

The table below shows internet packages between these Frontier and Spectrum Internet.

Frontier Internet plans and price

PackageDownload speedUpload speedMonthly fee
Basic Internet3 Mbps – 9MbpsN/A$38
Frontier Internet12 Mbps – 25MbpsN/A$45
Frontier Internet45 Mbps – 115MbpsN/A$55
Fiber Optic 5050Mbps50Mbps$50
Fiber Optic 500500Mbps500Mbps$60
Fiber Optic Gigabit940Mbps880Mbps$80

Spectrum Internet plans and price

PackageDownload SpeedUpload SpeedMonthly Fee
Basic Internet60Mbps to 200Mbps10Mbps$50
 Ultra Internet400Mbps20Mbps$70
 Gig Internet940Mbps35Mbps$110

Frontier has the fastest download speed to a maximum internet speed of 940Mbps. It also has a high download speed that can go up to 880 Mbps. Both these capabilities you will get from this provider when you choose the optic fiber connection package. The company also deals with DSL connectivity which can have a speed that ranges from 3Mbps to 115 Mbps for the download speed. However, the company has not provided the upload speed for these packages.

With Spectrum download and upload speed, it depends on the location you are, but they can guarantee you an internet that has a download speed of 940 Mbps. However, they have different packages that can start as minor as 60Mbps, 200Mbps, and many others in a different locality. The upload speed of these small packages ranges from 10Mbps to 35Mbps.

The DLS connectivity cost from the Frontier internet company is between $38 to $55 for a month; the price of the more extensive packages is between $50 to $80 in a given month. The pricing structure of the Spectrum optic cable connectivity is different. You will have to pay monthly charges of $50 to $100. Apart from the monthly package fee, you will have to pay other small money.

Both spectrum internet and Frontier have discount packages; therefore, even if you earn a small amount of money, you can utilize these packages. For instance, Spectrum has packages of 30 Mbps and 4 Mbps for download and upload speed, respectively, specifically for those who cannot afford the higher price internet connectivity packages. The Frontier internet company has a program that usually awards their existing customer. Both of these discounts require you to make a request, so make sure you are eligible before you apply.

Client’s Satisfaction

When it comes to client satisfaction, you cannot generalize but consider several factors. However, Spectrum has ranked higher than Frontier Internet Company. They have a higher customer satisfaction score. Besides solid completion from other telecommunication companies, Spectrum’s score has improved by 4 points from its previous score. It shows that the company can even scale up its services, and maybe it will be the number one company for providing better services to its customers.

The Frontier has low clients satisfaction score as compared to Spectrum Internet Company. Frontier Internet company has increased its score by a two-score from the previous year’s score.

Facts Between Spectrum & Frontier

There are other essentials to consider to determine which provider will be your ideal option for you. Here is some other comparison of Frontier vs. Spectrum internet.

Spectrum PlanMonthly costFrontier PlanMonthly price
Internet and Spectrum Voice$59.98Internet and TV$54.98
Internet and TV$89.98Internet and Phone $39.99
Internet, Voice, and TV$99.97Internet, TV, and Phone$74.99

Spectrum Internet and frontier Internet Company provide other services apart from the internet. It has other services, but they come with the internet in it. Some of these services include TV services, Phone services, and many others. It will be good if this package will meet your requirements and needs. The packages they offer also differ very much. For instance, Spectrum packages are more expensive than the Frontier package.

The TV’s small package for Spectrum includes 125+ TV channels. Frontier smallest package only has 25 TV channels. The high package from Frontier will offer you 460 channels. If your area has no access to this service through optic connectivity, you can get the services through a dish, which you will get more channels than those on Spectrum TV’s packages. However, it will cost you more money. They can offer the package to you through a dish, but you will have to enter into a contract that can go up to two years.

Contracts and Other Charges

Apart from the different packages they provide, you will incur other costs. The various cost for the packages depends on what packages you have chosen. Frontier Internet Company charges you for rental fee for the equipment you use. Spectrum does not charge their customer rental fee, but you will have to pay at least $5 every month.

The comparison between Frontier vs. Spectrum internet shows that they do not have contracts. Once you start using the service from any of the two companies, once you feel you are not satisfied or want to quit, you can withdraw from the company at any time.

With Spectrum, you will get a promotional rate in the first 24 months. However, the cost of the package you use will remain the same. You will not be billed higher after the two years except if they change the fee of the packages.

Unlimited Internet Usage

Spectrum Internet and Frontier Company offer unlimited internet usage. Unlike other telecommunication companies, they do not use data caps to limit their clients’ internet use. The good thing with these two company they will allow you to utilize the internet to any given extent, but you will not be charged an extra fee for using much internet.

Privacy Policies

Frontier Internet and Spectrum internet uses different privacy policies. However, these privacy policies are not there to bring fear to you, but they state what you must expect regarding internet connectivity.

For instance, Frontier Internet Company gathers the usage data, viewing patterns, and browsing history. They use the information to understand the market and their customer to manage the internet connectivity and provide exceptional customer services. The company is also committed to keeping the data safe; therefore, there is no need to fear.

Installation and Equipment Fee

Professional Installation$49.00Self-installationFree
Professional Installation (gigabit plan)$199.99Delivery$9.99
Activation$9.99Professional installation$75
Device$5/ monthDevice$10/ month

Spectrum and Frontier intent company can offer installation services, but you can do it yourself. The self-installation costs the customer $9.99, or they will charge you an equipment delivery fee.

However, if you want the companies to install them, you will have to pay more. But note that Spectrum charges more for installation than Frontier.

Both companies have an activation fee, but Frontier will charge you more than Spectrum. The only time the Frontier internet company is cheaper is when you use the Gig package from Spectrum.

The monthly cost between Frontier Internet vs. Spectrum internet is lower for the spectrum internet company. Spectrum only charges you $5 for connectivity capabilities; however, Frontier charges $10 in a month. In general, the Frontier Company charges you less if you compare the cost of using Spectrum Internet Company.

Frontier vs. Spectrum: Which One Has The Cheapest Plans

It depends on whether they provide their services in a given state or region. The Frontier internet company offers the cheapest internet plans in a given locality. However, though the Spectrum packages are expensive, they guarantee their clients get the fastest connectivity that will bring back the value of your money.

Remember Spectrum cheapest plan will also offer you a higher speed. With them, you get devices from the company, which will cost only $5 monthly. You will not incur extra charges for Frontier packages because it is included in the package cost.

Which One Has The High-speed Internet Package

Various factors can influence internet speed. Frontier internet provides internet speed which can reach a download speed of 940Mbps. However, the upload speed of this company is limited. However, the internet rate will be based on what package you are using from this company; for example, the other packages like DLS connection from Frontier can speed up to 115 Mbps.

With Spectrum, you will get an internet speed that can go up to 1000 Mbps in the area where they provide their services. For uploads, the rate ranges from 10Mbps to 35Mbps based on the plan you select. The fastest package has 1000Mbps download speed, and 35Mbps download speed. The packages with a download speed of 300Mbps to 400Mbps offer an upload speed of 20Mbps. The lowest package can provide you with an upload speed of up to 10 Mbps.

With the frontier fiber-optic plan, you can get an upload and download speed of 940 Mbps and 880 Mbps, respectively.

General Comparison:

Current in 44 states
Current in 26 states
Pricing start at $49.99
Pricing start at $27.99
No contracts
Fiber internet available
No data restrictionNo data restriction

Bottom Line

Frontier Fiber Optic wins; however, select Spectrum Fiber optic package if the frontier one is not available in your area. The frontier fiber-optic plan wins even when compared with other internet providers. It offers you extra features with high-speed internet to suit your needs. The problem with Fiber Optic is that it is not available in most states. However, the DSL plans offer poor internet connection and if you want to decide between the DSL internet and spectrum cables for the other lowest package, then choose Spectrum.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Spectrum Internet Connection Cheapest Than Frontier?

No, Frontier has the cheapest internet package that costs $27.99 per month. In contrast, Spectrum’s most affordable package can cost $44.99 per month.

Is Frontier Offering Faster Speeds Of Internet?

No. Spectrum has the fastest speed. Spectrum has an internet speed that can go up to 1000Mbps, but for the Frontier, it can go up to a rate of 940Mbps.

Do The Two Providers Offer Unlimited Data?

Yes. Both the companies offer internet, which is unlimited.

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