Straight Talk Mobile Hotspot Hacks

While using the internet, no matter the purpose, nobody wants their data to be limited. And we all have experienced data throttle on our online activities with multiple ISPs.

How about if there was a way, or some hacks and tips, that would let you surpass the restrictions these companies impose on your data plan and use your hotspot as you like? Well, there sure is away.

If you are a Straight Talk user, then this article will give you a Straight Talk Mobile Hotspot Hack and tips that will allow you to enjoy using a throttle-free hotspot and unlimited data on all your devices.

How to Activate Straight Talk Mobile Hotspot

First things first, find the best suitable data plan that will also enable Straight Talk Mobile Hotspot Hack on your device. The best ones are the single-line and multi-line data plans.

Straight Talk Mobile Hotspot Hack

This is because they allow you to use your mobile phone as a WIFI tether to get internet across all your devices. You also will use the MVNC provider to enable the Straight Talk Hotspot Hack for your data plan.

Here is a step-by-step guide to Straight Talk Hotspot Hack that will allow you to use unlimited free data and share across multiple devices;

  1. Choose your monthly plan before anything else and make sure it includes a hotspot.
  2. Go to the main website,
  3. At the menu, select activate/reactivate.
  4. Choose the “activate my direct call service” option and click continue.
  5. Enter the serial number in the MEID or Serial Number box.
  6. You can find your serial number from the Straight Talk Red Card or you can check at the back of your hotspot
  7. Enter your postal code (where you are using the hotspot from)
  8. In the Service Pins Box, there is a data card with pins. Enter these pins.
  9. You must have at least a Straight Talk Data Card to use the hotspot (this must at least be 1GB $15). You can always purchase it anytime if you didn’t purchase it during the activation process
  10. Login to your Straight Talk account by entering
  11. Your email
  12. Password 
  13. If you don’t yet have an account, you can always easily create one

How to Hack Straight Talk Mobile Hotspot?

Here is a detailed guide that bypasses the restrictions put in place by Straight Talk:

  1. Scan to find your hotspot through your device. This could be your computer from another device like your mobile phone or tablet.
  2. Turn on the wireless options on your other devices.
  3. Find your network under the WI-FI settings with the last three numbers of the U.M.X.$ and the serial numbers
  4. After the hotspot network establishes the connection, you can now open the internet browser
  5. Enter in the search bar
  6. This will open a page that will prompt you to enter a username and password
  7. You can add any default values and input your username as admin. Use the last three digits of your Hotspot serial number, with the symbol $ for the password
  8. Give it a minute for the activation process to complete
  9. When a message “installation complete” pops up, you are good to get started
  10. As soon as the activation is done, a huge setting button will be displayed on your screen
  11. Click on it to adjust settings and make sure your connection is secure
  12. This allows the hotspot to be open by default and anyone can get access to it and use it
  13. If you need to make any changes, just go to the WI-FI tab, select any option you want, and follow the instructions
  14. If you get stuck, refresh the page to see the WI-FI tab

How to Stop Straight Talk Data Throttle?

Before you start using your network, always confirm whether Straight Talk is currently active or down, to make sure there wouldn’t be any glitches when you get started with your activities.

Sometimes a drop in network is usually caused by the throttle limit that is issued to your data plan. Even if you have an unlimited plan, you may find that your internet speed is reduced to 2GB.

This is annoying, especially when you have an unlimited data plan. However, you can always stop these restrictions in a couple of ways; 

1. Select a VPN Service for Your Speed

The simple reason for your data throttling could be your location and your ISP. Some companies will still measure your data consumption no matter your plan, resulting in a downgrade from high-speed internet to the slowest one.

If your Geolocation is the main cause of your data throttle, then using a VPN is the solution to fix this issue. Make sure to choose a good quality network that will not only remove the measure in your data consumption but also secure your network and all your online activities.

2. Change the APN Settings

There are two options when it comes to Straight Talk service and you can apply either one of them for a better quality network. Alongside other benefits of unlimited free hotspot data, changing the APN settings might just improve your internet speed and network.

3. Use a Micro Sim Adaptor

This is also a great way to remove the data throttle on your hotspot. Just get a micro sim card adaptor, make sure it is one size larger, and put it in the portable hotspot to get unlimited data. The only annoying aspect of this, however, is that you should be ready to be switching the sim card back and forth to your phone when you need to use it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can you add more hotspot data?

Yes. You can always buy more Straight Talk data with data add-ons. These also allow you a throttle-free, high-speed internet connection anytime you need extra data on your current plan. If you remain with unused data, it will be rolled over to your new plan.

Are there ways to get Mobile Hotspot for Free?

There are other multiple options you can always explore on your phone. You can try out USB tethering, Bluetooth tethering to share data or even a portable WI-FI hotspot. These services don’t cost anything and are readily available.