What Channel Is AMC On DirecTV

AMC is one of the most popular cable TV channels, known for airing popular shows like The Walking Dead, Better Call Saul, and Mad Men. DirecTV is one of the largest satellite TV providers in the United States. Many DirecTV subscribers want to know what channel AMC is located on, especially fans of AMC’s original programming. AMC is available on DirecTV through multiple outlets like channel 254. But the channel number may vary depending on your specific package.

Locating AMC in DirecTV Channel Lineups

The exact channel number for AMC on DirecTV depends on which programming package you have:

DirecTV CHOICE Package

If you have the DirecTV CHOICE package, the cheapest package currently offered, you’ll find AMC on channel 254. This is an HD feed, so you can watch AMC in high definition.

DirecTV XTRA Package

With the mid-tier XTRA package, AMC will be on channel 254, also an HD channel location.

DirecTV ULTIMATE Package

In the top-tier ULTIMATE package, AMC is also located on channel 254 in HD.

DirecTV PREMIER Package

The PREMIER package also has AMC in HD on channel 254.

So regardless of which DirecTV package you subscribe to in 2023, you’ll find the AMC channel on 254, giving you an HD viewing experience.

Why AMC is on Channel 254 on DirecTV

You may be wondering why AMC is on channel 254 specifically on DirecTV’s lineup. This channel placement is determined by negotiations between the network and provider as well as programming considerations.

Some factors that influence channel positions:

  • Popularity of the network – More prominent channel positions are given to popular channels. AMC has earned its channel 254 spot as a top 10 cable network.
  • Channel bundles – Networks are typically grouped together by category or ownership. AMC is part of the “Entertainment” bundle, which occupies channels in the 250s range on DirecTV.
  • Provider priorities – DirecTV strategically places certain channels in easy-to-find spots for subscribers. As a popular network, AMC earns a solid channel placement.
  • Past positions – Channels tend not to change positions drastically year to year unless major provider changes occur. AMC has likely been in the 250s range for some time.

So while channel numbers are somewhat arbitrary, AMC’s channel 254 position is a testament to its popularity and status as a top entertainment network on DirecTV.

Checking for AMC on Channel 254

The best way to confirm you have access to AMC on DirecTV channel 254 is to:

  1. Turn on your DirecTV receiver and TV.
  2. Tune to channel 254. This can be done by entering 254 on your remote or by scrolling through the on-screen guide.
  3. Verify that you see the AMC logo and programming on channel 254. This confirms you are able to access the channel.
  4. Check your DirecTV account or bill to confirm your package includes AMC. As long as you don’t have the basic ENTERTAINMENT package, AMC should be accessible.
  5. Test channel 254 on all your TVs hooked up to DirecTV receivers. Channel lineups can vary on different receivers in your home.

If channel 254 does not show AMC, you may need to refresh your services or troubleshoot your receiver. Contact DirecTV customer support for further assistance.

But in most cases, AMC in high definition will come through on channel 254 on your DirecTV service.

Accessing AMC Through DirecTV On-Demand

In addition to live viewing on channel 254, you can also access AMC content through the DirecTV on-demand library.

DirecTV’s on-demand service allows you to watch episodes from AMC shows like Better Call Saul, Killing Eve, and The Walking Dead any time you want. Here’s how to access AMC on demand:

  1. From your DirecTV receiver, access the main menu.
  2. Select “On Demand” from the menu.
  3. Choose the “Networks” on-demand folder.
  4. Select “AMC” from the network options.
  5. Pick the AMC show you want to watch on-demand episodes from.
  6. Browse episodes and select the one you want to immediately start watching.

Having AMC on demand gives you another way to watch AMC content on your schedule.

Accessing AMC Through the DirecTV App and Website

Another great way to watch AMC outside your home is through the DirecTV app and DirecTV.com.

The DirecTV app allows you to watch both live AMC from channel 254 and AMC on-demand content on your mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

And on DirecTV.com, you can stream AMC live and access on-demand shows right from your web browser.

So if you want AMC on the go, the DirecTV app and website both include AMC access when you log in with your DirecTV account credentials.

AMC is Included with All Major DirecTV Packages

The good news is that AMC is included with all of DirecTV’s major programming packages, so most subscribers don’t have to pay any extra or add on AMC separately.

Here’s a quick look at AMC inclusion across packages:

  • ENTERTAINMENT – AMC is not included in this basic package. You’ll need to upgrade to get AMC.
  • CHOICETM – AMC is included with this low-cost package on channel 254.
  • XTRA – Contains AMC on channel 254.
  • ULTIMATE – Comes with AMC on channel 254.
  • PREMIERTM – AMC is included with DirecTV’s top package on channel 254.

So excluding the basic ENTERTAINMENT plan, you’ll have access to AMC in standard definition and high definition as part of your DirecTV subscription.

Compare packages on DirecTV’s website if you want to ensure you’ll get AMC or other favorite channels before signing up.


Finding AMC on DirecTV is easy – it is on channel 254 in high definition for all major packages beyond ENTERTAINMENT. This channel placement provides simple access to AMC’s popular original programming and movies for DirecTV subscribers. Whether you want to watch live or access content on-demand, AMC is available on DirecTV through multiple outlets like channel 254, the on-demand library, the DirecTV app, and online at DirecTV.com. With the ability to stream AMC anywhere and watch hit shows on-demand, DirecTV provides flexible viewing options to enjoy AMC’s great entertainment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What channel is AMC on for DirecTV?

For most DirecTV packages, AMC can be found on channel 254, which provides an HD feed of the channel.

Does the basic ENTERTAINMENT package include AMC?

No, you need to upgrade to CHOICE or higher packages to receive AMC.

Can I watch AMC on-demand if I have DirecTV?

Yes, AMC content can be accessed through the on-demand menu on your DirecTV receiver. You can browse and watch episodes from AMC shows on-demand.

Where can I watch AMC on my mobile devices?

The DirecTV app and website, DirecTV.com, allow you to stream AMC live or watch on-demand shows when logged into your DirecTV account.

Is AMC only available in standard definition?

On DirecTV, AMC is delivered in high definition on channel 254 for a better viewing experience.

What popular shows are currently on AMC?

Some current shows on AMC include The Walking Dead, Better Call Saul, Killing Eve, and Tales of the Walking Dead.

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