What Channel Is AMC On DirectV

Are you looking for the AMC channel on DirectV? You have come to the right place. AMC is America’s favorite TV network for classic movies and drama series.

Regardless of the time of day you tune in, you can be sure to find an appealing classic movie to satisfy you. So, having the channel on your cable or satellite TV provider’s speed dial is necessary.

If you binge on gritty, high-octane, nail-biting, and the most realistic classic movies, keep reading. This article discusses finding AMC on DirectV to make movie watching more convenient for you.

What is AMC

AMC, of American Movie Classics, was established around 1995 as a movies-only American channel. Despite its humble beginnings, AMC has become a favorite of over 81.5% of American households.

Today, the AMC Networks-owned channel outperforms its sister channels, including Sundance TV, BBC America, We TV, and IFC. But its airing of Breaking Bad and Mad Men in 2008 put AMC at the apex of American TV.

Suddenly, it became a top primetime channel, with viewership ratings and a reputation like that of HBO and Showtime. So, having AMC on DirectV makes perfect sense.

AMC’s TV series offering is limited. It carefully selects masterfully directed series with rich plots to counter other cable networks with extensive libraries of programs.

A good example is the Walking Dead, which has gained a massive fan base and a vast following worldwide. The post-apocalyptic epic has intense drama that builds anticipation for the next episode, season, and big twist.

AMC also offers acquired series like Two and a Half Men and The Three Stooges that provide the perfect break from the inevitable adrenaline rush.

The channel plans to introduce unscripted programming, as seen through the slogan change to “Something More.” For example, in Ride with Norman Reedus, you can sit up close with the actors who play the onscreen characters.

As a movie channel, AMC essentially licenses and airs movie titles from top-notch studios in Hollywood, including the following:

  • Warner Bros
  • Metro Goldwyn Mayer
  • Sony Pictures Entertainment
  • Universal Studios
  • DreamWorks Animation
  • United Artists
  • Walt Disney Studios
  • Motion Pictures
  • 20th Century Studios
  • TriStar Pictures
  • Triumph Films

So, you get an opportunity to watch the best movies on AMC on DirectV every time you tune in.

The channel also dedicates specialized programming blocks to special cultural and holiday events. For example, in mid-October, it brings Fear Fest, a block with gory horror titles in preparation for Halloween in early September.

AMC also offers a movie block in the form of Best Christmas Ever, covering a revolving lineup of Christmas movies such as The Polar Express and Elf. In the runup to Christmas, you have all the entertainment you need.

How Do You Watch AMC Channel on DirectV

You can get AMC on DirectV by signing up for any available packages from America’s top satellite TV service. DirectV offers over 330 channels, free access to premium networks for a year, and multiple on-the-go entertainment options.

DirectV has different packages designed to meet the needs of different voters. For example, the basic Entertainment package provides at least 160 channels, with more than 60 in HD.

The Choice package includes more than 185 channels with high-quality programming for families. Next in line is the Ultimate package, with over 250 channels with family-oriented content. The highest Premier package offers 330 channels that include all premium channels.

With the DirectV packages, you get the best HD TV experience plus the following:

  • Around-the-clock, on-demand blockbuster movies, and hit shows
  • 2022-23 NFL Sunday Ticket and NBA League Pass for sports lovers
  • Free Genie HD DVR storage for over 200 hours
  • One-year free HBO and three months EPIX, STARZ, SHOWTIME, and Cinemax for the Choice package and above
  • Free streaming via the DirectV app for on-the-go access to your favorite content
  • 99% signal reliability and affordable pricing if you sign up for one year or more
  • Exclusive screening of content in 4K HDR picture quality – the best in the industry

Regardless of your DirectV package, you’ll be able to access AMC. Besides, you can save money by signing up for bundled packages that include TV, phone, and internet services. Switching from SD to HD is fast and smooth.

The following are the DirectV packages, the number of channels, AMC availability, and the monthly price:

DirectV PackageChannel CountAMC AvailabilityMonthly Price

How Do You Get AMC on DirectV

Before watching AMC on DirectV, you must sign up for your preferred package. Here are the steps you can take to sign up for your DirectV package:

  • Step 1: Go to the DirectV official website.
  • Step 2: Pick one of the four available packages and click Shop Now under each package box.
  • Step 3: Enter your ZIP code to check if DirectV is available in your area. You should be able to get the results in a few seconds.
  • Step 4: Add your favorite DirectV package to your shopping cart.
  • Step 5: Add premium channels to the shopping cart to save substantial money. The more premium channels, the bigger the discount.
  • Step 6: Choose the Cloud DVR and specify the streaming devices you would use to record your missed programs.
  • Step 7: View the cart to ensure it has everything you intended to purchase. Check out if everything is okay.
  • Step 8: Install the equipment after getting your DirectV welcome pack and activate your subscription. With that, you can enjoy AMC on DirectV.

Alternatively, you can sign-up for DirectV by calling customer support at 1-866-996-2797. As you prepare to make the call, have all necessary information, including your bank account number, email address, social security number, ZIP code, and home address.

You may ask the DirectV customer service representative if you can receive DirectV in your area. Ask them to explain the available packages, pricing, and channel number.

Find out if there are any DirectV promotions – including discounted pricing, add-ons, and freebies – of which you can take advantage. After picking a DirectV package, go ahead and sign up.

What Channel Is AMC on DirectV

Now that it’s confirmed that AMC is available on DirectV, it remains to know the channel number. With that, you can avoid the inconvenience of scrolling through your entire DirectV channel list to find AMC.

Besides, you won’t need to go online to search for the AMC channel number on DirectV. The following is the channel number for AMC on DirectV in all locations in the United States:

DirectV ChannelChannel Number

What Can You Watch on AMC on DirectV

The AMC Network offers an extensive lineup of dark and macabre programs with dedicated audiences. While some of its series have been available for a while, others are in the pipeline. The following programs best define what the AMC channel is all about:

1. The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is a story about Rick Grimes, who wakes up from a coma in a deserted hospital. Grimes finds the world turned on its head with the living dead running amok and committing all acts of violence.

He has no option but to move around the city in search of his wife and son. Grimes has to lead survivor groups in winning clan wars, evading hordes of walkers, and dangerous traps to the place they can establish a home. The program is currently in season eleven.

2. Fear the Walking Dead

Fear the Walking Dead is a The Walking Dead prequel that features Nick Clark, a drug addict that wakes up to find his girlfriend munching another person’s intestines. He runs from the scene barefoot and gets involved in a car accident.

It takes you back to the time before The Walking Dead when the nation starts to experience unexpected behavioral changes. The world around Clark is quickly turning mad with people struggling with the ensuing chaos.

3. Ride with Norman Reedus

In The Walking Dead, Norman Reedus acts as Daryl Dixon, a rugged survivalist. In this program, he rides on an open road on a motorbike, with each episode beginning in a new place. His companions include a local fan, musician, or famous actor.

Additional AMC shows include the following:

  • Back to the Future (1985)
  • Bad Boys (1995)
  • Dawn of the Dead (2004)
  • Cloverfield (2008)
  • The Firm (1993)
  • Ender’s Game (2013)
  • The Green Mile (1999)
  • Hancock (2008)
  • Jerry Maguire (1996)
  • Inside Man (2006)
  • Snatch (2000)
  • Legion (2010)
  • Thelma & Louise (1991)

The Bottom Line

What channel is AMC on DirectV? In all locations across the United States, you can access AMC via channel number 254. It offers consistent programming in horror and macabre movies. The good thing is that you can get it on DirectV for free.

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People Also Ask

Is AMC On DirectV Free?

Yes, AMC is free on DirectV. You can watch it without paying extra.

What Is The AMC Channel Number On DirectV?

The AMC channel number AMC is 254 in all locations, cities, and states in America.

What Channel Is AMC+ On DirectV?

The AMC+ channel on DirectV is 557 across the United States.