What Channel Is CNN On DirecTV (Complete Guide)

Did you know that you can get CNN on DirecTV? That should be important to you, especially if you care to know what’s happening locally, nationally, and worldwide.

CNN is the third-largest news-based pay-tv channel behind MSNBC and Fox News. Currently, it has over 90.1 million subscriptions in the United States and reaches over 212 countries through CNN International.

But what channel is CNN on DirecTV? That’s the question this article seeks to comprehensively answer to make it easier for you to access your favourite current affairs programs.

An Overview of CNN

Ted Turner and Reese Witherspoon founded CNN, or Cable News Network, in 1980 as a 24-hour new-only American channel, revolutionizing news coverage forever. Despite criticism for dramatizing the news, CNN has since acquired a massive following at home and abroad.

CNN is behind some of the revolutions that have taken place in news coverage. For instance, it is credited with introducing HD broadcast in 2007 and CNN AIR to providing drone-based news coverage. The network has also severally redesigned its on-air appearance and implemented novel ideas in news-based programming.

Because of its forward-looking approach, CNN has grown in popularity in the 41 years of its existence. CNN is an early riser that brings the first news program at 4.00 am.

During the day, it has additional news coverage followed by detailed primetime news analyses by Don Lemon, Anderson Cooper, and Wolf Blitzer.

Its menu of weekend mini-series, documentaries, and documentary-style reality shows has contributed to CNN’s growing popularity.

Besides BBC World News, it is the most popular news channel worldwide. It is a household name in the United States, reaching more than 90.1 million homes. Thus, many people use it as the primary news and analysis source.

It provides wide-ranging coverage, including notable events from across the globe. CNN covers presidential elections, sports events, and major disasters, informing and entertaining its audiences. Its emergency room approach draws in large audiences with coverage of breaking and fresh news.

Besides running its subscription service, CNN is available on major cable and satellite TV service providers like DirecTV. It also features many streaming services. The network also owns HNL, 24-hour news, and celebrity-based shows broadcasts.

An Overview of DirecTV

Before discovering the CNN channel on DirecTV, learning more about the satellite TV service provider is essential. DirecTV is a satellite TV service that avails HD digital TV to over 18.4 million American households without the need for cable connectivity.

Compared to other providers, DirecTV is entirely wireless and can reach more people in cities and rural areas. So, regardless of where you live, DirecTV is accessible to you.

DirecTV has a simple subscription model that enables you to get TV services by choosing and paying for a package. Thus, you can cancel your subscription without paying fees if you find it expensive. Plus, you can get all the channels you need by paying extra.

With DirecTV, subscribers can access many popular channels apart from CNN. Top-of-the-range on-demand programming, crystal-clear HD videos, and premium content stand out.

But you don’t have to be home to watch your preferred TV programs. With the DirecTV app, you can catch the news on the go.

How Do You Get CNN on DirecTV

You can get CNN on DirecTV via any of the fairly-priced packages. If you choose annual or two-year payment schedules, you should pay a minimal fee for high-value entertainment.

The basic DirecTV plan is called ‘Entertainment’ while the premium one is ‘Premier.’ Based on your income and household needs, you can pick any of these two or those in-between.

Besides, DirecTV works with wireless and wired network carriers to offer a bundled package that includes TV, phone, and internet services. Here is an overview of the DirecTV plans or packages:

DirecTV PlanNumber of ChannelsMonthly PriceCNN Availability

What Channel Is CNN on DirecTV

You can watch CNN on all DirecTV packages. So, you don’t have to worry about missing out on it by choosing a particular plan. DirecTV couldn’t leave it out because of its immense popularity.

With a DirecTV subscription, you have the opportunity to get sucked into America’s ferocious politics and follow world events. Besides, you get the chance to watch your favourite host. Here is a breakdown of the CNN channel number on DirecTV:

StateCityCNN Channel Number on DirectV
New YorkNew York City202
TexasDallas, Houston, San Antonio, Arlington, El Paso, and Fort Worth202
ArizonaPhoenix, Mesa202
FloridaJacksonville, Miami, and Tampa202
CaliforniaSan Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, Fresno, Sacramento, and Oakland202
OklahomaOklahoma City202
NevadaLas Vegas202
District of ColumbiaWashington DC202

What Channel Is CNN Spanish on DirecTV

The CNN Network has a Spanish station called CNN en Española. It is a Pan-American channel operated by CNN’s parent company, Time Warner media. CNN en Española targets Spanish speakers, who comprise most of the American population. Therefore, all its news reporting and programming are in Spanish. The CNN Spanish channel number on DirecTV is 419.

Popular Programs on CNN on DirecTV

From the first part of this article, it is clear that CNN has a lot to offer regarding news and analysis programs. Their approach to news coverage is what draws people to CNN. Here are some of the must-watch CNN programs on DirecTV:

1. High Profits

High Profits is a documentary featuring Brian Rogers and Caitlin McGuire, one of the first couples to get into marijuana growing. The story follows how the two made high profits from marijuana. If you’re wondering how to make your marijuana dream come true, go ahead and watch this program.

2. AC360

Anderson Cooper hosts AC360, a primetime news analysis program with the most up-to-date developments on worldwide events. It involves panelists who express their opinions by delving deep into events and offering various viewpoints.

Instead of just knowing what happened, you have the opportunity for an in-depth understanding of current events from diverse angles. The program is available Monday to Friday.

3. CNN Tonight

Don Lemon hosts CNN Tonight late-night news and commentary show on CNN International. It features in-depth interviews and commentary on current events.

CNN Tonight is CNN’s second most popular program, with over 800,000 monthly viewers. It comes on the air at 10.00 pm ET but could be moved when there’s a significant event.

4. Death Row Stories

Death Row Stories is a program that covers taboo subjects concerning the American prison system, the death penalty, and justice in general. It brings uncensored stories of convicts and how they broke the law. The program is a must-watch for those who want in-depth knowledge of the American justice system.

5. Erin Burnett OutFront

Erin Burnett anchors the show named after her. It is an hour-long news show launched on October 3, 2011, replacing John King, USA. However, Erin Burnett OutFront may air at different times of the day on weekdays and weekends. So, you should be prepared to watch it at any time.

How to Watch Your Favourite CNN Program Later

Did you know you can watch your favourite CNN program on DirecTV later? With the Genie HD DVR application, you can record a TV show and watch it later when your routine allows.

Genie is convenient since it allows you to schedule the recording of up to five programs at a go. It also recommends the latest shows based on your preferences. Therefore, you can always have something new to watch.

The Bottom Line

What channel is CNN on DirecTV? Regardless of your location in the United States, you can access CNN via channel 202. CNN retains the same channel number, unlike other networks whose channel number changes with location.

Once you open the channel, you can enjoy your favourite news or commentary programs concerning events from across the globe. Even better, CNN is available on DirecTV for free.

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People Also Ask

Does CNN Come For Free On DirecTV?

CNN comes free on DirecTV since it is already part of your subscription package. Sign up to DirecTV using one of the packages, and you’re good to go.

What Channel Is CNN On DirecTV In Georgia?

The CNN channel on DirecTV is 202 in Atlanta, Lawrenceville, and McDonough. Once you turn to the channel, you can enjoy your favourite news and analysis programs.

Can I Stream CNN?

You can stream CNN using the CNN Go app or web-based services like YouTube TV or Sling TV. If your TV provider, such as DirecTV, has a streaming service, you should also find CNN.