What Channel Is CNN On DirecTV

CNN (Cable News Network) is one of the most popular and well-known cable news channels in the United States. Launched in 1980, CNN was the first 24-hour cable news channel and helped pioneer the idea of round-the-clock TV news coverage. Today, CNN reaches over 90 million households in America and over 2 billion people worldwide across all its platforms.

DirecTV is one of the largest satellite television providers in the US with over 12.8 million subscribers nationwide. Owned by AT&T, DirecTV provides access to hundreds of channels covering entertainment, news, sports, and more, beamed from satellites orbiting the earth down to small satellite dishes installed at customers’ homes.

What Channel is CNN on DirecTV?

CNN’s main US channel on DirecTV can be found on the following channels:

  • Channel 202 (in SD)
  • Channel 1202 (in HD)

These are the primary channel numbers that DirecTV subscribers can tune into to watch CNN live.

The SD or standard definition version offers a picture quality of 480i resolution while the HD channel displays CNN’s programming in high definition 1080i resolution for a crisper, sharper image.

Additional Ways to Access CNN on DirecTV

In addition to the main CNN live feed on channels 202 and 1202, there are a few other ways DirecTV customers can watch CNN:

CNN International

For global news coverage, CNN International is available on:

  • Channel 203 (SD)
  • Channel 1203 (HD)

CNN International features world news reports, interviews, and analysis of events outside of the United States.

HLN (CNN Headline News)

HLN or Headline News is a spin-off network from CNN that offers a more fast-paced, news headline-driven format. HLN can be found on:

  • Channel 204 (SD)
  • Channel 1204 (HD)

CNN en Español

A version of CNN in Spanish, CNN en Español provides news from a Hispanic perspective and is offered on:

  • Channel 455 (SD)
  • Channel 1455 (HD)

CNNgo App

DirecTV subscribers can also access and stream CNN live through the CNNgo app on mobile devices and streaming players like Roku. An active DirecTV account and login is required to access the live feeds through the app.

Finding CNN from DirecTV’s On-Screen Guides and Menus

In addition to channel numbers, there are a few other ways to find CNN and its sister channels on DirecTV:

TV Guide Channel Listings

Flip over to the TV Guide channel on DirecTV and scroll through the listings – CNN and its related channels will be highlighted with their channel numbers.

Channel Guide Menu

Pull up the Channel Guide menu by clicking the blue DirecTV button on your remote and selecting ‘Guide’. Scroll until you locate CNN HD on 1202.

Search Function

Use the search button on your DirecTV remote to look for a channel by network name. Searching for ‘CNN’ will provide channel options.

Favorites List

Add CNN HD and any other desired channels to your Favorites list for quick access. Manage Favorites through the DirecTV menu or mobile app.

When is CNN on DirecTV?

As a 24/7 news channel, CNN provides continuous around-the-clock news coverage on DirecTV. Viewers can tune in to watch live CNN programming at any time of day.

Major programming includes:

  • Mornings (starting at 5 am ET): Early Start, New Day
  • Afternoons (12 – 4 pm ET): CNN Newsroom, CNN Right Now with Brianna Keilar
  • Evenings (7 – 11 pm ET): Erin Burnett Outfront, Anderson Cooper 360, CNN Tonight with Don Lemon
  • Overnights (11pm – 5am ET): CNN Tonight, Early Start Overnight
  • Weekends: Programming varies – a mix of live news, original series, and pre-taped shows.

So no matter when you turn on CNN through your DirecTV subscription, you’ll be able to access live or breaking news coverage.

Accessing CNN on DirecTV During Breaking News Events

During major breaking news events that pre-empt regularly scheduled programming, DirecTV subscribers can turn to CNN on channel 1202 for live, continuous coverage and analysis.

Whether it’s a political crisis or natural disaster, CNN often provides uninterrupted reporting on-the-ground when news is unfolding. This live coverage on DirecTV allows viewers to stay informed in real-time when notable events occur.

DirecTV customers can utilize the Caller ID feature on their remotes to switch back to CNN HD if surfing other channels when live breaking news suddenly takes place. Caller ID will display a message alerting that CNN is covering breaking news – simply click to tune back in.

Finding Replays of CNN Shows and Segments on DirecTV

Can’t catch a CNN show or news segment you want to see during its live broadcast? Through DirecTV On Demand, subscribers can access replays of many recent CNN programs and videos.

The On Demand menu is organized by channel – simply select ‘CNN’ to browse available CNN replays. Shows are usually available for replay for a few days after their original air date.

So if you miss an episode of Anderson Cooper 360 or a viral CNN video, check the On Demand CNN offerings on your DirecTV receiver to potentially catch up and watch at your convenience.

Out-of-Home Access Options for Watching CNN with DirecTV

Don’t want to miss your favorite CNN shows or the latest news headlines when away from your TV? There are a few options for streaming CNN live or watching replays through your DirecTV subscription:

  • Use the DirecTV mobile app to live stream CNN networks from anywhere
  • Watch on a web browser by signing in to directv.com and accessing the live feeds
  • View On Demand shows and segments on your mobile device through the DirecTV app
  • Stream CNN live with the CNNgo app using your DirecTV login credentials
  • Connect a DirecTV Everywhere device to hotels, apartments, etc to access CNN live feeds

So even when traveling or on-the-go, DirecTV subscribers can stay up-to-date with CNN news and programming through various streaming capabilities.


CNN has been a staple news channel on DirecTV for years. In 2023, the main CNN channel can be found on 202 (SD) and 1202 (HD). DirecTV also provides access to related CNN networks like CNN International, HLN, and CNN en Español. With 24/7 live news coverage, breaking news alerts, and on demand show replays, DirecTV subscribers have multiple viewing options to stay up-to-date with the latest news and information from CNN across TV, mobile, and streaming platforms. So for those looking to watch CNN in 2023, DirecTV provides a variety of ways to conveniently tune in both at home and on-the-go.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What channel is CNN on for DirecTV?

CNN's primary channel on DirecTV is 202 (SD) and 1202 (HD).

Does DirecTV offer CNN in high definition?

Yes, CNN HD is available on DirecTV channel 1202.

What channel is CNN Headline News on DirecTV?

HLN, formerly known as CNN Headline News, can be found on channel 204 (SD) and 1204 (HD) on the DirecTV lineup.

Can I watch CNN live on my phone if I have DirecTV?

Yes, the DirecTV mobile app and CNNgo app allow streaming access to live CNN when logged in with DirecTV credentials.

Does DirecTV On Demand have repeats of CNN shows?

Yes, recently aired CNN programs and segments are available for replay via the DirecTV On Demand menu.

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