Does Bluetooth Work Without WiFi

What is Bluetooth? Bluetooth is a form of wireless connectivity that uses radiofrequency to share document files, music and pictures over a short distance.

Bluetooth has gotten rid of the use of wired technology to share essential files within a short range. There are many examples of Bluetooth-enabled devices in our surroundings, including smartphones, computers, headsets, some kinds of TVs, and audio transmitting devices like speakers, car sound systems, digital cameras, and printers.

How To Enable Bluetooth Device To Connect Other Devices

does bluetooth work without wifi

To be able to share data via Bluetooth between two or more devices, the devices have to be Bluetooth enabled. To turn ON Bluetooth on a mobile phone;

  1. Go to phone settings, 
  2. Select Bluetooth, and turn it ON. Your device should display a list of other Bluetooth devices that are discoverable within your range. Select the device you wish to pair with from the list of available Bluetooth devices, and now both devices are ready to share files.

If you wish to share files or photos, go to your phone gallery and select the images you want to share, select the SHARE button, and then share via Bluetooth.

The other device that is ready to receive the files will have a pop-up menu asking the other user if they wish to receive the selected files. Once the user accepts, the shared files will receive from the other device within seconds.

Just as any other form of technology, Bluetooth has a few shortcomings such as:

  • It is short-range: Bluetooth can only pair with devices within 20-30 feet of range.
  • Security: The aspect of security on a Bluetooth device can easily be compromised. It is not secure as it is prone to hackers.
  • Limited: Bluetooth is limited to the number of devices it can pair with at a particular time. One Bluetooth device can only pair with a single device, and if another device is paired, the first device is disconnected automatically.

After knowing what a Bluetooth device is and how it works, we will look at Wi-Fi properties then conclude if one can perform without the other.

What is WiFi

Wi-Fi is a form of wireless technology that allows Wi-Fi-enabled devices to connect to the internet from a primary source known as a router, thus creating a network. Some of the devices that are Wi-Fi enabled include smartphones and tablets, computers and laptops, and some forms of printing machines.

When a device is connected to a Wi-Fi router, the two can create a network by sharing information. The significant advantage of Wi-Fi is that it keeps you connected to the outside world and people far away from you.

Unlike Bluetooth, Wi-Fi is enabled to link devices within an extensive range of about 200 feet. If some areas in your home are experiencing slower connections than others, you can get a WiFi extender at an extra cost.

How To Do Set up a Wi-Fi Network

Setting up a Wi-Fi network in your home can be done through simple steps;

  1. Number one, you will need a device that transmits a signal from your internet, known as a router.
  2. Then, based on your location, you can get in touch with your available service providers to have one set up at your home.

It would be best to keep in mind that, unlike Bluetooth, which is free, Wi-Fi comes with expenses. A monthly subscription fee ranges from $30-$50, depending on your service provider.

How do you link your device to an already existing Wi-Fi network? If you are using a smartphone, you can easily enable a WiFi network on it through some basic steps;

  1. First, go to Settings on your phone or laptop, select Wi-Fi and turn it ON.
  2. A list of available networks will be displayed for you to choose from.
  3. Finally, select the specific network you wish to connect to.

One essential item to note is that most Wi-Fi networks transmitted over a public network are not secure. Hackers have been notorious for creating public networks to take advantage of unsuspecting users by tapping into their devices and defrauding them. Therefore, any Wi-Fi transmitted on a public network must be avoided at all costs.

Unlike Bluetooth, a single Wi-Fi router can link up to 10 devices at the same time. All these connected devices can get and share information from anywhere on the web without any interference from a corresponding user. Information transmitted through a private Wi-Fi network is very secure as it cannot be easily compromised.


Both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi have similar characteristics. Both of them are made in such a way they can connect or share data with secondary devices. The only major difference is that Wi-Fi can connect devices over a more extended range of more than 200 feet, while Bluetooth connects devices within a short span of fewer than 40 feet. As a result, the performance of one is not dependent on the other.

From the above comparisons between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, it is obvious that they do not correlate. Yes, a Bluetooth device can function exceptionally without any internet connection. Bluetooth does not require Wi-Fi for it to perform.

While Bluetooth comes already installed in a device, Wi-Fi has to be paid before installation and subsequent monthly fees. However, Wi-Fi comes in handy when you need to link several devices to the network, so the issue of it being expensive should not be much of a bother.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the merits of using Bluetooth?

1. Bluetooth is free. All Bluetooth-enabled devices come already installed with the feature. You, therefore, do not need to pay any subscription for you to access Bluetooth.

2. Bluetooth is straightforward to use. Unlike most technologies, Bluetooth is user-friendly. You do not need expertise in any field for you to connect devices via Bluetooth. 

3. Bluetooth has a low power consumption rate. When sharing files via Bluetooth, you do not consume a lot of your device’s power/battery.

Is Bluetooth safer than WiFi?

Bluetooth is not safer than Wi-Fi, as your device can easily be hacked. You should note that public Wi-Fi networks are also not secure. We would recommend using only your trusted Wi-Fi internet for sharing of sensitive data to avoid manipulation.

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