HughesNet Internet Review: Know Everything

Are you in need of satellite internet? Has HughesNet ever come to your mind? HughesNet is a good internet option if you wish to have a low-cost internet plan that has speeds of not more than 25 Megabytes per second. However, as much as you want a low-cost internet plan, HughesNet’s fees soar beyond Earth’s orbit.

We will look into HughesNet internet review deeply and see whether it is worth your money. From there, you will have made up your mind about either installing it or looking for other options.

What’s The HughesNet

hughesnet internet

HughesNet is an internet provider that is dedicated to providing a network to approximately 1.5 million people in South and North America, particularly in places where there are no alternative internet options.

The firm offers a streaming data function that allows users to watch numerous videos with less data. The best thing is that you can use a tracker and a Free extra Zone between 2 am, and 8 am. It features approximately 50 gigabytes (GB) of extra data every month. As fewer people are online between 2 am and 8 am, this is the best time to download or upload huge files and videos. has a detailed list of common queries covering everything from installation to maintenance to deactivation within faster and easier terms. The website describes how satellite-based internet operates and is forthright about the underlying latency difficulties, claiming to apply technological actions to resolve them.

HughesNet Internet Review, Contracts & Guidelines

HughesNet satellite internet is available throughout the United States. You just need a clear view of the Southern Sky. This makes it increasingly challenging to have a signal within highlands or in areas surrounded by forests or towering buildings.

Another reason to have the HughesNet dish properly placed is to avoid any problems. Your installer ought to be capable of getting a good location with the best sky view.

HughesNet internet speed

HughesNet’s internet rates of 25 Mbps aren’t fast enough to compete against Viasat top 100 Mbps speed. Satellite network operators frequently vary their packages depending on geographical location. Viasat, for instance, adjusts its costs and speeds based on where you reside. With HughesNet, however, you won’t have to worry about that. HughesNet provides a 25 Mbps connection regardless of geographic location.

HughesNet internet download speed – 25Mbps.

This might not be a good idea for some. However, 25 Megabytes per second is just enough for checking email and scrolling through Facebook without having some problems. Certain activities, such as streaming films or playing virtual games, may encounter some lag. Unfortunately, that’s how satellite-based internet is.

Guidelines for HughesNet

The data caps listed on HughesNet internet services aren’t fixed in vain. If you spend more of the allotted data, you won’t get cut off from the internet or be charged with overpayments.

However, if you exceed the data limit on your package, your internet performance will decline. These are known as “data guidelines” or “soft caps.” They don’t come with limitations, but using more than what is on your package will make you feel as though they are.

When your kids watch their videos on Disney+ and consumes all of the data allowances, HughesNet will reduce your internet speeds to 1 or 3 Mbps.

There are some tips to help you avoid consuming all of your data allowances and end up surfing through your social media at a snail’s pace. Here is what to do;

  • Use the HughesNet application to keep track of your data consumption. The app can work both on Android and iOS.
  • Use the Bonus Zone, which provides you an additional monthly data of 50 Gigabytes in between hours of 2 a.m. until 8 a.m.
  • Use the standard definition to stream the videos.
  • Purchase a data token from HughesNet.

HughesNet Equipment and Cost

HughesNet comes with a 2-year contract with its equipment cost pricey. So, with HughesNet, be ready to get a contract of 2 years. The price does not change over the course of the 2 years, which is good.

However, some still dislike HughesNet, and they might just stick to their 1-year contract. However, because satellite internet is difficult to install and reconnect, you won’t desire to swap it out very often. But if you don’t plan on relocating soon, two years isn’t a particularly a longer time.


A spacecraft antenna, as well as a modem, are required to connect HughesNet’s broadband internet. You can either purchase or lease such equipment from HughesNet. It’ll still be costly in either case. How much does HughesNet equipment cost?

HughesNet Equipment Cost;

Purchased/LeasedCostFee for setupCost for 2 years
Leased modem and antenna$14.99 per month for 24 months$99$458.76
Bought modem and antenna$449.98for installation and equipmentNone$449.98

When the two-year contract ends, your equipment cost of $14.99 will have added up to $359.76, which is at least cheaper than the buying fee of $449.99. However, this figure excludes the $99 installation costs, which are eliminated if you buy your equipment.

When you lease, the activation cost will be added, bringing a $458.76 rental fee. Thus, at that juncture, you could just buy it outright. Users should be able to schedule installations once they’ve selected whether to rent or lease their devices. And, despite how skilled you seem, it really is a task you should leave to the professionals.

After deciding whether to rent or lease, you should go ahead and schedule the installation. This task should only be carried out by experts. So, don’t try doing it by yourself.

Because HughesNet doesn’t directly employ the contractors, the reliability of your client service is uncertain. On the other hand, your installer will indeed be capable of tracking down the ideal location, angle, & altitude for your dishes to receive the finest signal. Remember that installation can take up to 4 hours, so set aside at least half of your day.

HughesNet Service charges

If you rent your device from HughesNet, there is a $99 activating cost. Another incentive to acquire your device outright is how long you intend to keep one service.

  • Installation cost: There is an activation fee of $99 if you lease the equipment. But when you purchase the equipment, the installation fee is inclusive, but the activation fee will be waived.
  • If you terminate your HughesNet deal shorter, prepare to spend a lot of money on early cancelation costs.
  • Premature termination fee: Should you cut your subscription early, you’ll be charged at least $85. You may pay up to $400, based on the time you cancel the subscription.

The earlier termination cost reduces as you keep using the internet. However, the cheapest cancellation fee is $85, which is also a significant sum of money.

HughesNet claims that if you quit before your system is put in position, it will reimburse the amount you spent when you made your order. However, if your device has already been installed and users decide to terminate your internet connection 90 days or less into your 2-year deal, you’ll be charged a $400 termination fee.

This is the main reason many don’t like contracts. Who knows whether they won’t have to cut their service short? Life is unpredictable. Yet if you quit after the first ninety days, you’ll ultimately owe $400, less $15 for every month you retained the service.

HughesNet Customer Service

HughesNet, like any other network provider, has lackluster customer service. You’ll notice some unhappy users of HughesNet when you check the reviews. Regrettably, this is true of almost all internet service providers (ISP). The HughesNet had a rate of 65 out of 100 in the newest ACSI survey.

You have a few choices for getting in touch with HughesNet customers care:

The Reliability of HughesNet

HughesNet is indeed a good option when you don’t require a lot of performance and would like to prevent a price increase. It offers constant speeds all over the country, which is rare for satellite internet. It also won’t surprise you with price increases in the middle of your contract.

HughesNet’s rates, performance, and data caps are currently inferior to Viasat’s. However, launching its own next satellites (presumably in late 2022) should result in significant improvements.

  • Billing and packages: HughesNet gets points for having clear plans and billing. However, you will pay a greater price than Viasat.
  • Internet connection: We hope HughesNet had more than just 25 Mbps data speeds. This is sufficient speed to read emails and sometimes even watch a little.
  • Contracts, devices, and charges: HughesNet provides 2-year, fairly normal contracts. And, based on how lengthy you expect to maintain the HughesNet connection, purchasing HughesNet devices may be worthwhile.
  • Customer relations: No internet supplier receives a gold award in this category. We’d like to see HughesNet as well as other Internet providers improve.

HughesNet Satellite Internet Plans and Pricing

HughesNet makes things straightforward. No matter the plan you go with, you are sure to get 25Mbps download speeds and 3Mbps upload speeds. You may also get some promotional rates, but it depends on where you reside.

For the first 6 months of a two-year contract, new users can save $20 per month across all plans. One may lease equipment for $15 monthly with a lease setup cost of $99. Or you may decide to buy it in advance for $450, which includes an installation fee.

The monthly allowance on your data varies from one plan to another. The more you pay for each month, the more data you get.

HughesNet Satellite Internet Plans

HughesNet PlanMaximum SpeedsCost per monthTerms of contractCost of equipmentData allowance
HughesNet Gen525Mbps for download and 3Mbps for upload$652 years$15 per month or $450 only once for 2 years15GB
HughesNet Gen5$752 years$15 per month or $450 only once for 2 years30 GB
HughesNet Gen525Mbps for download and 3Mbps for upload$1102 years$15 per month or $450 only once for 2 years45 GB
HughesNet Gen525Mbps for download and 3Mbps for upload$1602 years$15 per month or $450 only once for 2 years75 GB

In some places, HughesNet also provides a $100 of 100GB internet plan per month. These HughesNet Gen5 packages, regardless of data capacity, offer the same maximum upload speeds to every client. HughesNet stands out from other providers because of its stability and speed dependability.

HughesNet performed the best amongst participating providers in terms of actual versus stated speeds, having median accelerations which were 150 percent or stronger than that of the advertised rate. This is as per the 2018 Federal Communications Commission study on broadband.

In terms of value, HughesNet is marginally less expensive than its primary competitor, Viasat. To equal HughesNet’s 25Mbps upload speed, you’ll have to spend $100monthly with that competition, and therefore that monthly cost will skyrocket to $150 after only three months.

Nevertheless, the Viasat package comes with a 60GB data cap, which is double as much as the HughesNet $75monthly plan. Furthermore, Viasat provides speedier services than HughesNet in some areas, including download rates of up to 100Mbps, making its cost per megabit lower than HughesNet.

Benefits of HughesNet Internet

  • HughesNet Internet has had no price increases for the next two years.
  • With HughesNet, there will be no price increases.
  • Plans and prices that are simple and unambiguous- HughesNet offers straightforward pricing and programs with no hidden fees.
  • Service outages do not affect it transmission disruptions caused by extreme weather do not affect HughesNet internet. Unlike some other Network operators who use cable or satellite, HughesNet doesn’t use cable internet.


If you reside in a densely populated city or suburb, you’ll certainly have alternative, quicker internet connection options, and HughesNet may be ideal for you. HughesNet may be the best and most stable internet provider if you live in a remote area and wish to stream online.

It’s really not the quickest satellite provider; however, its dedication to providing internet speeds to many remote areas renders it an attractive internet for anyone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is HughesNet’s Internet Connection Faster?

All HughesNet Gen5 packages match the FCC’s classification of internet speed, which is 25 Megabits per second download plus 3 Megabits per second upload. While you can argue that this broadband speed isn’t “fast,” it is unquestionably speedier than DSL options that may be accessible to rural households.

Can I Stream My Movies And Series In HD With HughesNet?

Yes, but again not automatically. The HughesNet network instantaneously streams video content at 480p and thus saves data, but you might also quickly modify this setting using the HughesNet smartphone application.

What Exactly Is HughesNet’s Incentive Zone?

Customers can get an extra 50Gigabytes of data monthly during the HughesNet Free extra Zone, which runs from 2 a.m. till 8 a.m. every day. When those off-peak moments do not seem comfortable, they are ideal for scheduling movie downloads, setting up gadget system upgrades, or even doing early-morning internet shopping.

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