Best High-Speed Internet for Truckers

A truck driver is an individual, male or female, who earns their living from driving trucks from one point to another, especially for long distances. A truck can be a significant vehicle usually used to ferry large goods mainly for distribution purposes from a manufacturing warehouse to a retail or distribution center.

A truck driver works closely with warehouse employees who aid in loading goods as they leave the central warehouse and offloading goods once they reach their destination. They are also responsible for the mechanical maintenance of the trucks while on the roads.

What Are The Categories of Truckers

  • Company employees: These are truck drivers employed by a company that owns a fleet of trucks to deliver goods from point A to point B.
  • Independent truck drivers: These are those that own a truck or two and mostly drive it themselves.
  • Owner-operators: These are self-employed truck drivers who own the trucks they drive. They can either drive the trucks themselves or lease them out to companies for a contract period.

Most truck drivers spend most of their time on the roads making a living. They can tend to be lonely as they travel long distances with minimal human interaction. To make their lives a little more interesting, they can stream movies to watch when they make stops along the way to their destination.

With high internet speeds, they can stream live songs to listen to, which will make the drivers a little less lonely. The truck drivers also need to connect with their families and loved ones on the roads through various platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, or Skype. For this to be possible, truck drivers need the best high speeds of internet.

Why Do Truckers Need high-speed Internet

Most long-distance and local delivery drivers rely entirely on WI-FI to access pick-up jobs, file reports after delivery, get weather updates and road conditions, and keep in touch with fellow truckers while on the road.

No one would want to miss earning those extra coins just because they did not have access to a reliable internet connection. Low internet speeds can be pretty annoying as it will take longer than usual to load important information. Everyone needs reliable high internet speeds to be up to date with the growing digital economic environment. Nowadays, through the web and with high internet speeds, everything can be easily accessed.

What is 4G LTE

LTE stands for Long Term Evolution, 4G LTE is a type of technology that delivers the fastest internet speeds. So if you are looking for high speeds internet on the road for your internet needs, 4G LTE is something to look into. It has the highest internet speeds compared to all other mobile internet solutions you can have while on the road.

The 4G LTE internet service has a few limitations as expected, it can only work in arrears with a phone signal. It is important to note that the 4G LTE router does not have a battery that you can charge, so you can only use it when it is plugged into a power source.

Unlike the mobile hotspot, you’ll have to pay for the router upfront before getting the 4G LTE internet. The trucker will also be required to pay a monthly subscription fee of around $80 – $100 for fast and reliable internet. The main advantage of the 4G LTE internet is that while not on the road, you can still use it at home.

Best High-speed Internet for Truckers

Internet For Truck Drivers

Fast and Reliable

The best internet for truck drivers has to be reliable so that you can access it anywhere while on the road; it has to have high speeds to enable you to access information fast. Lastly, the device has to be very portable. It has to be light enough for you to move around at your own convenience.

Portable Hotspot

The best internet transmitting device for truck drivers has to be portable and this can be either through a mobile phone hotspot or 4G Long Term Evolution modem with a monthly subscription plan. Although the mobile hotspot is reliable, it might restrict data, especially when connecting to a device like a tablet or a laptop.


Most truck drivers rely primarily on mobile hotspots as it is pretty affordable. The actual advantage of the mobile hotspot is that you can add a monthly hotspot data plan to your already existing mobile plan. With as low as $20 per month, truck drivers can access a fast and reliable data plan for all their trucking needs.

A mobile hotspot can connect more than one device at a time and the truck driver is charged according to their monthly subscription plan.


A mobile hotspot may not help when you are driving in areas with no network coverage, such as mountains, as you will have no signal. Nevertheless, a mobile hotspot remains to be one of the reliable portable internet solutions for truck drivers.

Creating a mobile hotspot

Creating a mobile hotspot connection on your phone can be done in a few basic steps. 

  1. Go to the settings menu on your phone.
  2. Select connections.
  3. Select mobile hotspots and tethering.
  4. Turn ON the mobile Hotspot option. You can either choose a network name and create a password or retain the one originally on the mobile device with no password.

As a truck driver, if a mobile hotspot seems not to meet your data needs while on the road, you can look into 4G LTE.


Their specific needs can therefore match the best internet for truck drivers. Portable mobile hotspot data will give you the best internet speeds. Unless you have more internet needs like your gaming console while on the road, your best option would be the 4G LTE internet plan. The above insights should help you make a guided decision on the type of internet that suits you as a truck driver.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Do I Do If I Experience Slow Speeds While On The Road?

If you are a truck driver that mostly encounters areas with poor signals or long distances on the road, you can choose to get a signal booster of your choice to improve your network connectivity.

Why Does A Mobile Hotspot Drain My Phone’s Battery?

One disadvantage of using the mobile hotspot is that it can drain your phone’s battery life. This should not be a problem if you have a power backup like a power bank. However, power consumption on your device goes up because your device is now connected to other devices and acts as a source for transmitting the information.