Why is iPhone Battery Yellow: Does It Bad For Battery Health?

Many first-timer iPhone users may wonder, “Why is iPhone battery color yellow?” Don’t panic! An iPhone battery turning into a color of yellow is not something to worry about that. A Yellow iPhone battery has its purpose. In this article, we will talk about why is iPhone battery is color yellow.

A lot of iPhone users usually complain about how fast their iPhone battery is draining. It is one of the downsides that Apple products have. Still, many people patronize the brand because of its durability and reliability. However, the issue in their battery life and sufficiency is always present.

Not until they released a new software update in 2017. This software update is the iOS 11. As we all know, Apple is working on every software update to fix their products’ bugs and issues.

Did you update your iOS software, yet you suddenly notice the change of color in your battery? Let’s find out!

Why is My iPhone Battery Yellow?

Your iPhone battery turning yellow does not mean that you need to replace the battery itself.

When the Apple developers release the iOS 11 software update, one of its goals is to fix the battery issues of Apple products, especially in iPhones. This software update introduces the Low Power Mode and the battery health condition, which may show you if you need to restore your current battery.

why is iphone battery yellow

So if you are thinking, why is the iPhone battery color yellow? The sudden transition of the battery color of the iPhone, from white to yellow or from red (when it is already low battery) to yellow, is only because of the Low Power Mode feature.

When the Low Power Mode is enabled in your iPhone settings, it will turn your battery into color yellow. The Apple developers included this feature to help iPhone users preserve and prolong their iPhone batteries for at least 1-2 hours. iPhone users can activate low power mode to save their iPhone battery life and use it for days. But did you know that low power mode can be automatically activated whenever your iPhone battery hits 20 percent of it?

However, suppose you wish to enable the battery saver feature of Apple, yet your iPhone is not in the 20% battery percentage. In that case, I’m here to help you turn on Low Power Mode in your iPhone battery setting.

How TO Activate Low Power Mode on iPhone?

If you wish to save and prolong your iPhone battery, turning the Low Power Mode is one way to do it. However, this feature will not resolve if the central issue of your iPhone is the built-in battery itself. That is another case that you should deal with.

Just follow these steps on how to activate the Low Power Mode:

  1. Go to the SETTINGS in your iPhone.
  2. Scroll down or search the BATTERY.
  3. Click the battery, and the first thing that you will see is the LOW POWER MODE.
  4. Slide the toggle button on the right side of the Low Power Mode.
  5. If the switch is in green, the low power mode is already activated.
  6. After you enable the low power mode, you will quickly notice the change of color yellow in your battery icon.

Easy right? Now you know why is iPhone battery color yellow!

However, setting up the Low Power Mode in the settings of your iPhone may consume a little bit of your time. Don’t worry; there is another method of fixing up your low battery mode in a faster way.

Did you know that you can also add the low power mode icon to your control center? It is pretty easy; you’ll need to customize your control center in the settings, find the low power mode icon, and add it to the control center. Now it is easier to navigate if you want to turn on the low power mode.

How To Disable Low Power Mode on Your iPhone?

If you are bothered by the color yellow in your battery icon, maybe low power mode is not for you.

Don’t sweat about it. In this part, I will help you to fix the yellow iPhone battery by disabling the low power mode in two ways:


  1. Go to SETTINGS.
  2. Scroll down and find the battery, or you can also search it.
  3. Click the BATTERY
  4. From there, you will first see the “Low Power Mode,” and the toggle switch on the right side is in color green (it means it is activated)
  5. Touch the toggle switch to turn it off or to disable the low power mode.
  6. When the Low Power Mode is already disabled, the toggle button must be in the color gray.
  7. After doing that, you will notice that the color of your battery icon would be back to its standard color (white if it has a sufficient battery percentage and red if it is in low battery percentage)

Another way to fix your yellow iPhone battery is turning off the Low Power Mode through the control center. It is pretty simple, swipe up to your screen, or you may also click the assistive touch and click “control center.” It will now appear on your screen and click the battery icon to turn off or disable the low power mode.

How To Save iPhone Battery Life?

If you wish to have a long-lasting battery and avoid turning your iPhone battery in yellow, these might be helpful for you.

Here are some tips to prolong the life of your iPhone without using the Low Power Mode:

  1. You may want to turn off Siri. Siri is an automatically activated voice. You can instruct her to search for whatever you want without typing in your iPhone. In that case, Siri can also be the cause of why your iPhone battery is draining fastly.
  2. You can reduce the brightness of your screen. If you are using your phone at night or in dark places, maybe you want to consider lowering the brightness of your iPhone screen. High brightness of screens is one of the causes of battery draining, and after all, a bright screen is not suitable for your eyes.
  3. Set up a timer on how many seconds or minutes your screen will turn off. In that way, your iPhone will automatically close its screen within the given timer. You can also turn off the “resistance to wake” if you have an iPhone 6 and up. It would also help you in saving battery percentage.
  4. Close all the recently opened applications. These applications may still be running in the background even if you stopped using them. It is also one of the causes of fast-draining battery percentage.
  5. Charge your iPhone when it reaches 20 to 25 battery percentage. Don’t let your iPhone comes 5% or even 1% as it is very harmful to the iPhone battery itself.

Wrapping It All Up

It is no doubt, iPhones are one of the fastest emerging phone brands globally. A lot of us are using iPhone because of its unique features that other phones don’t have. However, iPhones are a lot more expensive than any other brand. Because of that, we tend to panic if we notice something unusual in our phones. I hope this article helps you answer your question, “Why is the iPhone battery yellow?.”