What is Sprint Spot? You Should Know Everything

If you are wondering what is Sprint Spot, then this guide is going to take you through everything you need to know about it. Long gone are the days when we only depended on television and theatres for entertainment.

The rise and development in technology and digital apps like Sprint Spot have enabled users to walk with and access all types of entertainment from anywhere, anytime. All you need is a technological device and an internet connection, and you have access to multiple TV channels and shows, music, videos, news, and all the digital content on the go.

The Brains Behind Sprint Spot

Before we answer the question of what is Sprint Spot, let’s dive into the brains behind the App; Sprint and MobiTV.

Sprint Spot is a huge platform created by two other large content and entertainment providers; Sprint and MobiTV. Both of these platforms are individual owners of multiple projects in the industry. Apart from Sprint Spot, which has proven to be a big project, they have also worked on minor projects together.

MobiTV has been in the industry since the 1990s with Sprint also serving a couple of decades, both developing and growing with and through technology to ensure high-quality services to their users.

Sprint was an American telecommunications company that provided users with multiple services such as the internet, telephones, streaming services, and more. It was also one of the most popular Internet Service Providers (ISP) of its time in the US.

MobiTV, on the other hand, is an on-demand content and entertainment provider, with some of its partners including Amazon Prime and other high-profile content providers.

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What is Sprint Spot?

So what is Sprint Spot? Sprint Spot is an app launched by Sprint in partnership with MobiTV, the two giants explained above, to bring mobile entertainment right in your hands, and on the go.

The app allows you to get all your favorite featured apps and shows in one place. This is inclusive of TV shows, music, videos, games, news, sports, and just about any other form of entertainment. You can be sure to find multiple content providers, download movies and watch later even without the internet, and discover music.

What is Sprint Spot

It allows content delivery platforms to offer their services in entertainment across multiple screens including phones, tablets, PCs, iPods, Desktops, and other computerized devices.

They also offer end to end streaming, cloud-based entertainment, and such, while still ensuring high-quality videos, optimized on all these devices with high-end technology.

How to Use Sprint Spot?

Sprint Spot comes preloaded on Sprint Android Devices. Here is how to download and use the App;

  1. First and foremost, you obviously have to download the app, if you don’t have it already.
  2. Once the download finish, launch and open it to sign up first
  3. Make sure to fill in all the information required to create your account and start using the app
  4. Once that step is done you are ready to use the app.

It has a great user interface and easy navigation so you can easily find your favorites. Use the navigation tab to find the different featured apps and services available as well as adjust and make your settings according to your preference.

Use the search bar to search for shows, music, videos, and games you want from multiple providers. Based on your criteria and your personal information, the app will also suggest a variety of shows and entertainments for you. Everything else is well-laid out, making the app easy to use.

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Sprint Spot Plans And Prices

Downloading and using the app is free. Well, except that you definitely are going to need an internet connection to download and sign up. You can also browse and see the features available as well as everything else it potentially can offer.

However, you are going to make some purchases along the way to fully leverage its potential and access premium shows. Plans and prices vary with different things including the provider platforms, type of shows, the different packages, and more.

They also offer multiple plans so you can choose whatever suits you best. You are also sure to purchase your shows safely through their smooth, stress-free, and trusted carrier billing and authentication.

Advantages of Sprint Spot

Now that you have a clear understanding of what is Sprint Spot, here are some of the advantages that you will get when you download the app;

  • For starters, you are in for cheap and multiple plans. This means there is a variety of plans to choose from making it easy and affordable for everyone to purchase their favorite shows for the amount of time they want and can.
  • What’s better than being able to access all your entertainment apps and features in just one place. Sprint Spot is a one-stop-shop to manage all your favorite shows.
  • In today’s world, where technology is at the forefront and smaller devices are being embraced more, Sprint Spot gives users a chance to view their shows and music across multiple screens including phones, tablets, and iPads. Gone are the days when you had to get home to turn on your TV and watch your show. Now you have this privilege right in your hand, anytime, anywhere.
  • You also don’t have to worry if you don’t have an internet connection at home, or you want to watch a show on the go. Sprint Spot allows you to download shows on your device whenever you can access the internet, and watch them later, offline. 
  • Sprint Spot also comes with multiple features and tools that allow for smooth third-party integration to allow for a great user experience. This includes clear and high-quality videos and sounds from multiple providers across the entertainment industry.
  • It also comes with an array of options to choose from. This means with Sprint Spot, it never gets old or boring, rather, always new, fresh, and entertaining. 
  • Use the app to discover movies, music, and other entertainment through other third-party apps.

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Other Apps like Sprint Spot

With millions of users and multiple shows, videos, and music to offer, Sprint spot is one of the most popular apps in its category, run by some of the most popular and most reputable video content and entertainment providers.

However, there are a lot of other entertainment apps in the category of Sprint Spot you can always check out. Some of them include;

1) Sprint TV

Like Sprint Spot, this provides all things entertainment, from movies, music, and even live TV shows. You also get to live-stream some of your favorite shows. There is a free version that is still pretty decent as well as premium subscriptions for premium shows and features.

2) 34 Raceway

Just like the name suggests, this is for sports lovers, and particularly races. 34 Raceway is a track that hosts weekly race events in Burlington. Their official app, 34 Raceway, brings to you these live events from wherever you are. 

3) Spot Network

Unlike Sprint Spot that is an all-inclusive entertainment platform, this is particularly for those leading an active lifestyle. Find streaming channels including action sports, Fitness, Travel, Music, and more.

Sprint Hotspot Not Working? Learn Fixes

One of the common difficulties a lot of users encounter is the Sprint Spot App not working. Before you pick your call and ask for help, there are a couple of ways you can use to get back to your show easily. Check them out below;

1) Restart your device

If your app freezes and refuses to comply, try to restart your device and see what happens. There may be a software error, e.g. another app that has crashed and is stopping others from working. When you restart your device, it gives all the apps and programs a chance to shut down completely and start afresh.

2) Update your app

Using an outdated version may also cause your app to stop. There are always new features being added and updated to improve security, and user experience. Check for any recent updates and ensure you are using the latest version.

3) Delete and reinstall

This sometimes does the trick. If especially, there are significant software issues, you just may need to give it a fresh start.

If none of the above gets your app back to work, you now may need more advanced assistance. Use any of the methods stated above, one that is most convenient for you, to contact customer support.

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Sprint Support Center

Like any other platform, you are bound to encounter some technical or even software difficulties with Sprint Spot. In case this happens, there are a couple of ways you can contact their customer support for help.

Visit the main sprint website, find their support center from the navigation tab at the top left corner of the site or the bottom of the page and browse your topic of concern. This could be on orders and returns, billing and payments, technical support, and more.

There is also an on-site form you can fill to send your message. The details you are required to enter on the form include your name, email address, subject of concern, and then write your issues in the large empty box at the bottom. Hit “Submit” once you are done.

Phone support is another option to reach out to their customer support center. You can find the customer support phone numbers on the Sprint Spot app and the Sprint website as well. Alternatively, you can just send your message via email.