Visible vs. Xfinity Mobile: Comparison, Plans & Price

Xfinity Mobile has the largest coverage in providing the fastest 5G internet with other features. However, it shares almost all of its features with Visible Wireless. These two operators are mobile virtual networks that usually run on the Verizon network’s backbone.

Though different virtual networks run on the Verizon network, these are among the major two carriers you can find on the Verizon network. However, note that Visible is a brand of the Verizon network while the Xfinity mobile is another company that has a lot of premium privileges that you can benefit from it.

Since these two providers relate to each other, let’s see the Visible vs. Xfinity mobile comparison and then see how they differ from each other.

Visible vs Xfinity Mobile Comparison Overview

FeaturesVisibleXfinity Mobile
Carrier NetworkVerizonVerizon
5G capabilityYesYes
Data speed50 to 200+Mbps4000+Mbps
eSIM SupportNoYes
Lowest plan price$40$15
Unlimited talkYesYes
Unlimited textYesYes
Unlimited dataYesYes
Discounted plansYesYes
Wi-Fi HotspotYesYes
Free Canada and Mexico callYes $10 per month
Video streamingYes Yes 
Extra featuresYes Yes 


It is a network operator among the best virtual network mobile operators for you; if you like browsing a lot, you have a high data amount requirement. This operator uses a 5G network to provide their internet services to their users. You will have a decent speed that can run up to 200Mbps. Also, with the provider, you will get an unlimited hotspot with an internet speed of 5Mbps with your other devices like a computer or laptop.

The connection of these operators is like the Verizon connection, and if you go for the prepaid services, you can expect to have a drop in internet speed when there is congestion or many users at the same time. With it, you enjoy the extra features that come with it, like free entertainment, standard streaming, and many other benefits.

Xfinity Mobile

Xfinity is another operator that offers amazing wireless internet services that cater to high-speed browsing or heavy data internet requirement activities. Also, this is an operating company that runs its network as a virtual operator on the Verizon network.

With this operator, you will be able to enjoy the fastest and most high-performance internet connection that you can use for heavy activities like gaming, streaming, and many others. Another good thing with this provider is that it comes with a decent pricing structure at a good rate for the data.

Note that its data is divided into two major categories postpaid and prepaid. Apart from the impressive data speeds, you will stand the chance of enjoying the offers whether you are an existing or a new customer. If you need the cables and internet from Xfinity, you will need to connect before getting the services since it runs on the Verizon network and has the same eligibility requirements.

Visible vs. Xfinity Mobile: Comparisons

Visible vs. Xfinity Mobile


  • Visible: In terms of the availability of the services and who is and who is not eligible, then Visible wins. With visible, you can enroll and start using the services without passing through a credit check and offer 15 days free trial for the plans. Since you have the free 15 days, then you will get the chance to test the speed of the internet, hotspot, coverage, and other extra features they advertise that their plans have.
  • Xfinity Mobile: With the Xfinity Mobile, you will not get a free trial, and you will only qualify for the internet service if you are already a user of the Xfinity cable internet. To use the Xfinity Mobile services, you must maintain either the TV or the internet services, and then you will continue to enjoy the services. If you cancel the Xfinity internet and TV services, if you want to use the Xfinity mobile services, you will incur an extra cost of $25.

Network Coverage (Visible vs Xfinity Mobile)

Regarding network coverage, Visible and Xfinity mobile ties since both offer their services in the area covered by the Verizon network. Therefore, be it a remote or a metropolitan area, so long as the Verizon network is there, you will get the internet services from the two operators.

Deals And Discounts (Xfinity Mobile vs Visible)

If you compare Visible vs. Xfinity Mobile in terms of deals or phone selection, you will find that the Xfinity mobile has a better choice than visible. With Xfinity, you will have something to enjoy once you switch to using their services.

Though you will not have many options, Xfinity also offers a discount on the phones that you select from them. They have a trade-in program that you can use to get the device of your choice. If you opt to bring your device, you will also stand a chance of getting a prepaid card worth $100. You can also buy your device from Xfinity mobile by paying for it in given moths, like 24 months.

Though not as much as the Xfinity mobile, you will be able to get some of the deals visible. They also have a trade-in program, and also you can pay for your devices over some time. Also, they offer a partial discount on selective devices.

If you opt to bring your device to Visible, you will also stand a chance of getting a gift card. Of these two operators, in terms of the deals, the Xfinity mobile takes it since they offer free device deals, high discounts, and other offers on high-end phones.

Internet Speed And 5G Access

The two provide differ regarding the internet speed and 5G access. For instance, the Xfinity Mobile offers an internet that has a capacity of 4000 + Mbps, and it runs on the 5G network. These are some of the greatest speed networks available, and on top of that, they offer internet hotspots that can run at a speed that can reach up to 100 + Mbps. If the network is at the lower 5G spectrum, you will have a download speed ranging from 50 to 150 Mbps.

On the other hand, also visible runs on a 5G network; however it has data caps, and it can only speed up to 200Mbps. If you compare the two networks in terms of the 5G access or internet speed, Xfinity is much better than the Visible network.

Visible vs Xfinity: Mobile Plans Pricing

Another thing that differs between network operators is their plans’ pricing. Here the plans differ in terms of the data they provide and the amount of money you can use to get them.

Therefore in terms of the payment and plan structure then, Xfinity Mobile wins since it has lower price plans and offers unlimited services that are enough for you to do your internet activities; however, if you are not okay with the low data plans, then you can opt to use the high data plans. Here is a table for the pricing structure of the plans.

Xfinity Internet Plans and pricing;

Features1GB plan3GB plan10GBUnlimited plan
1 line cost$15 per month$30 per month$60 per month$45 per month
2 lines cost$7.5 per month (per line)$15 per month (per line)$30 per month (per line)$40 per month (per line)
3 lines cost$5 per month (per line)$10 per month (per line)$20 per month (per line)$33.33 per month (per line)
4 lines cost$3.75 per month (per line)$7.5 per month (per line)$15 per month (per line)$30 per month (per line)
10 lines cost$1.5 per month (per line)$3 per month (per line)$6 per month (per line)$24 per month (per line)
4G and 5G capabilityYesYesYesYes
Unlimited text and talkUnlimited UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Highest data speed1GB3GB10GBUnlimited 
Wi-Fi hotspotSupported SupportedSupportedSupported
Video streaming support1080p HD quality1080p HD quality1080p HD quality480p SD quality

As you have seen in the summary, their plans differ based on their features. For example, you can make a plan that supports 1 line to the one that supports ten lines. Not that the one with many lines acts like shared plans since they can support the lines or devices simultaneously. However, the more the lines, the higher the money you will pay.

Therefore if you have heavy data usage, then Xfinity mobile unlimited plan can be one of the best plans you can use; however, you can also opt to use Visible. Also, with Visible, you will be able to have a full experience of unlimited data and other extra features. Here is a summary of the plan’s cost structures for the Visible.

Visible Internet Plans and pricing;

FeaturesUnlimited plan
1 line cost$40 per month
Discounted 2 lines cost$35 per month (per line)
Discounted 3 lines cost$30 per month (per line)
Discounted 4 lines cost$25 per month (per line)
4G and 5G supportYes 
Unlimited talk and textYes 
Internet data speedUnlimited
Video streaming SD quality 480p
Hotspot dataUp to 5Mbps
Activation feeNo
Mexico and Canada calling and textingYes 

If you bring a person and use the services, you will get $5 per month with the visible plan. With the internet services, you will get unlimited data, text, and talk; therefore, if you are looking for a cheaper and unlimited package with no risk in terms of charges, Visible can be a better option.

Tips on how you will choose between Visible and Xfinity Mobile

As you have seen from the comparison, the two have specific place performance and pricing structures. So what will you look for when you want to choose between the two? First is the data requirements. Since both have a similar capability, you will need to check if the data provided is best for you to meet your usage or not. After this consideration, you can know which two you can use.

Price is another thing that you will consider when choosing between the two. As you have seen, the two providers have different pricing structures. Based on your budget and your data needs, you can see which will suit you better.


From Visible Vs. Xfinity Mobile guide, you can agree that both providers are competitive regarding the features and pricing. Visible can be a better option if you do not want to meet those crazy requirements like credit checks and others. Visible has unlimited data that cannot get slow down while you are using or traveling.

In the case of the Xfinity mobile, it comes with the most effective features that others you cannot get from the Visible. However, you have to note that you must meet the requirements like a good credit score before you get the plans or prepaid phones.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are Xfinity Mobile And Visible The Same?

No, they are different internet providers. The Visible is a brand from Verizon, while Xfinity Mobile is a different company. You may see it as the same since they use the same Verizon network to provide their internet services to the users, but they differ in the packages or the services they give their customers.

Does Visible Have The Same Coverage As Xfinity Mobile?

Yes. Visible and Xfinity mobile run on the Verizon network, so they are the Verizon network covers that the two operators cover. Since the Verizon network covers around 99% of the population in us, they both have large network coverage areas.

Between Xfinity And Visible, Which One Has The Slowest Internet Connection?

In terms of internet speed, the Xfinity mobile wins the comparison. The reason why the Visible network is slow is due to low data amount and network congestion. When there are a lot of users in the Visible network, then the speed of the internet will slow down. But when few people are connected to the internet, you will still enjoy faster internet speed.

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